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STAR WARS Princess Leia Porcelain SteinSTAR WARS Han Solo Millennium Falcon Porcelain Stein


Unique Drink-Safe Heirloom Porcelain Steins
Celebrate Star Wars most famous characters
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The Bradford Exchange

Star Wars Steins at The Bradford Exchange Online

STAR WARS Darth Vader Porcelain Stein STAR WARS Yoda Jedi Master Porcelain Stein

Top row left to right: STAR WARS Princess Leia Porcelain Stein and STAR WARS Han Solo Millennium Falcon Porcelain Stein
Bottom row left to right: STAR WARS Darth Vader Porcelain Stein and STAR WARS Yoda Jedi Master Porcelain Stein


Lego Star Wars Toys – Made for One Another

Kids (and Adults!) Love Star Wars!

The company was very far sighted in obtaining the license from Lucas films to manufacture Star Wars toys. Popular movies come and go, but Star Wars remains ever popular with a worldwide cult like following. This series of toys was introduced in 1999 and has had many additions since then.

The Lego line of Star Wars toys started with figures and vehicles from the trilogy (Episodes IV-VI). At a later date new sets and releases were introduced to cover the earlier prequel trilogy (Episodes I-III).

All the main themes of the series of movies have been recreated. The characters are typical Lego style figures with the usual square heads and bodies. Slight differences in color and the headwear and clothing distinguish them from one another.

Star Wars characters have a wide variation in the head type, size, and shape. Lego decided to make special molds for the heads which are true to these characters. Unique and completely original molds were created for these figures. Darth Vader is a good example of this special treatment. Light sabers were also added to the line since it would not be complete without these very well known weapons.

All of the well known star ships and assorted other vehicles are included in the series. The Millennium Falcon is likely the most popular vehicle. The X-wing fighter, the Imperial AT-ST, speeders, and TIE fighters were all included. A series of location sets from several of the movies is also included to accompany the vehicles that were in the movie.

Star Wars Lego Death Star

Star Wars Lego Death Star from Lego Ultimate Collector Series

Lego has produced a huge variety of Star Wars paraphernalia. Their Technic line includes several of these items. The Technics line is more complex in construction- capable of more movement and more true to life than the standard Lego figures.

The designs in the Ultimate Collector Series are complex and large. The biggest Lego set ever to be manufactured is for instance the Millennium Falcon which has more than 5000 pieces.

This series of video games is definitely the best selling Lego product ever made. These video games were hugely popular and were a hit with both Star Wars devotees and video gamers. The first of the video games was based on the prequel trilogy, and the second game was based on the original trilogy. The two games were later packaged and sold together as one complete Star wars edition.

Lego Star Wars toys, figures and other items are extremely popular with both adults and children. This is one of the really great success stories in toy production history.


Lego Master Builder Erik Varszegi
8-foot model of a Star Wars Rebel Attack Cruiser built entirely out of LEGO bricks!

  • Stem to stern the model is 97 inches long and 47 inches wide, weighs over 150 pounds, and is created using over 35,000 pieces.
  • Model features precise detail in LEGO form, functional elements, and secret features.
  • Model is built around a steel armature that runs down the spine of the ship and includes a rolling steel display frame.
  • Model took over 450 hours to design and build.






Star Wars Crocs Collection

Star Wars Crocs Collection


Steve Sansweet

Ultimate Star Wars Fanboy Stashes a Galaxy of Cool Collectibles

Sansweet’s Darth Vader costume took him nearly 10 years to complete

Meet Steve Sansweet, the ultimate fanboy. Thirty-some years ago, he started collecting all things Star Wars while working as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Now he has a 5,000-square-foot, climate-controlled barn in Northern California packed with goodies from the iconic space saga. His stockpile is rivaled only by the personal stash of George Lucas himself.

Trolling eBay, scoping out the goods at collector’s fairs, poring over magazine ads and hounding companies for their marketing demos has helped Sansweet amass a collection estimated to contain about 100,000 individual pieces.

But better still? He now has a fanboy’s dream job: He’s working at Skywalker Ranch as Lucas’ professional, paid fan.

The first Star Wars item Sansweet collected was a mailer sent to theater owners and journalists promoting the original film. But he’s especially proud of this Darth Vader costume. It took him nearly 10 years to complete through multiple purchases.

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By Jenna Wortham
Photo: Jenna Wortham

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